i'm a dreamer

Can't help it.

I've always had a thing for words.

At the age of nine I wrote a story about a boy who lived on the other side of the moon. I illustrated it and stapled it into a ‘book’.

I was always writing, but never very seriously, distracted by life. I worked as a train attendant, a bartender, a theatre production and communication manager, an English teacher and a photographer. But the dream of writing screenplays remained.

With two small children in tow and a crazy family schedule, I thought it high time to say it out loud: I want  to write screenplays. And I would. I enrolled in a UCLA class, formed writer's groups, placed in contests and found my way to Stowe Story Labs. I was hired to write video games and episodes for a television series. 

I live in Ghent, Belgium. Where beer will get you drunk, chocolate eases all pain and waffles are only of the Belgian kind. But this restless heart and my appetite for other people's stories takes me across the globe. Maybe we'll run into each other somewhere. Soon. Or some day.

Because I'm always ready for a new adventure.