spec scripts

Feature Film


For Miles

drama / thriller / road trip

When a lost old man wanders into the life of a heartbroken young woman, she will take him on a journey across France and Spain to find the daughter others claim he doesn’t have.


thriller / dystopian / sci-fi

In Frontier City in postwar Alaska of 2191 an Inuit street thug awaits the unlikely return of her father from the battle fields in Europe. But when a wounded US soldier stumbles into one of the refugee camps wearing her father's coat, she’ll cross any line to find him and bring him home.


Semifinalist Screencraft Fellowship 2017.

Quarter-finalist Screencraft Scifi and Fantasy Screenwriting Contest 2017.

Selected for Stowe Story Labs - Spring Writer's Retreat 2016.

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Blood runs thick

crime / thriller / action

When a contract killer is forced to shoot her high school friend, she returns to her home town to find the people responsible.


Top 25 The Tracking Board Launchpad Competition 2015 -- as Devils and Dust.

Selected for Stowe Story Labs - Fall Narrative Labs 2015 -- as Devils and Dust.

Quarter-finalist Cynosure Screenwriting Awards 2015 -- as Devils and Dust.

Quarter-finalist Screencraft Bahamas Screenwriters Residency 2015 -- as Devils and Dust.



historical thriller / action / drama

When an Antwerp hotel maid witnesses a murder and becomes the prime suspect, she must assume the victim's identity to escape to America aboard the Red Star Line ship. But the victim was not who she seemed and suddenly the maid is immersed in a shady world of spies and diamond smuggling as the world prepares for World War II.